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Major: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: G

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S15282: The Neuroscience of Mind Control in Splash 2022 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2022)
Ever wonder how a 3 pound mass of tissue in your head gives rise to all your thoughts, emotions, and experiences? Or how neuroscientists can use new technologies to read thoughts and control minds? Come learn about how your brain works, from the level of individual neurons to massive networks of cells. We'll be talking about some of the groundbreaking new techniques that neuroscientists here at MIT use to study (and control!) the brain. We're excited to explore the brain with you! Note: The class will include a sheep brain dissection and an arm muscle control demo that involves a minor electrical shock. These are fully optional and students will not be required to participate if they so choose.

S13106: Sensational Neuroscience: How Your Brain Understands the World in HSSP Summer 2019 (Jul. 07, 2019)
Ever wonder why some people hear “yanny” while others hear “laurel”? Or how visual illusions work? Come learn how the brain processes information from the senses to generate your perception of the world, and how this process can be hijacked. The classes will consist of interactive lectures followed by demonstrations, in which you will make sour things taste sweet, bend your vision, and mind control your classmates. During the last class, we will tour real neuroscience labs at MIT! We're excited to explore the brain with you! (Note: The first class will involve a sheep brain dissection. Any students who wish to leave during this portion of the class will be welcome to do so.)

S12505: Braaaaains! The Neuroscience of Zombies in Splash 2018 (Nov. 17 - 18, 2018)
Have you ever wondered WHY zombies act the way they do? In this class, we'll analyze zombie behaviors in an attempt to relate them back to underlying neuroanatomical deficits commonly found in zombies. Although our primary focus is to study zombies, you'll inadvertently learn some neuroscience along the way. Following our discussion, we'll satisfy our hunger for brains by performing a sheep brain dissection.

S12276: The Foundations of Intelligence: An Introduction to Neuroscience in HSSP Summer 2018 (Jun. 30, 2018)
Ever wonder what's going on in your brain? How do we form memories? Why do we dream? Is mind control really possible? In this course, we’ll give a broad overview of the field of neuroscience, discussing scientific findings from different species that have helped give us insights into these questions. We'll talk about neurons, memory, artificial intelligence, and much, much more! The classes will mainly be interactive lessons, with a number of hands-on activities and demonstrations mixed in. During the last class we will tour real neuroscience labs at MIT! We're excited to explore the brain with you!