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JUNYU YANG, A human molecule

Major: Chemistry

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Chemistry major who likes making things, including but not limited to molecules and food.

Past Classes

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L11429: The Miracle of Life in Spark 2017 (Mar. 11 - 12, 2017)
Feeling confused about life because you opted out of health/sex ed to do physics instead? This class might be for you!

S11262: Introduction to Organic Chemistry in HSSP Spring 2017 (Feb. 18, 2017)
Organic chemistry, the study of the structures, compositions, properties, and reactions of carbon-containing compounds, forms the basis for biochemistry and the modern pharmaceutical industry. Despite its intimidating reputation as an extremely challenging course, organic chemistry is, at its core, a creative science that uses very fundamental concepts to build up a toolkit for making very complicated compounds. We will begin this course by looking at the properties of molecules that affect their reactivity such as polarity, acidity, and stereochemistry. Following that, we will delve into the reactions undergone by different types of molecules such as hydrocarbons, carbonyls, and haloalkanes. Finally, we will use this arsenal of tools to devise and evaluate potential pathways to desired synthesis products.