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KAREN SITTIG, MIT junior studying CS

Major: 6-3

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2012

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In August, 2008, I was transplanted from Chicago, Illinois (my home for the previous 18 years) to the fifth floor of the east parallel of the East Campus dormitory here at MIT, where I've been living ever since. My days are filled with goofing around with my hallmates, playing videogames, cooking, riding horses, and slightly less sleep than I would like. I'm majoring in 6-3 (computer science) and focusing mainly on artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science than anything that's realistically practical in the field.

Past Classes

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X4646: Why it's a travesty that America runs on Dunkin' in Spark! 2011 (Mar. 12, 2011)
Come taste different coffees and listen to me rant about what good coffee actually is. At the very least, you'll be awake for the rest of the day.

C4649: Search for Dummies in Spark! 2011 (Mar. 12, 2011)
Imagine, for a minute, that you're standing on a graph. You want to escape back to reality, but all you see are edges and nodes. I'll teach you to escape, and then I'll teach you to escape as fast as possible.

C4652: Problems in Artificial Intelligence in Spark! 2011 (Mar. 12, 2011)
Why don't I have a robot dog to clean my house? Come discuss some current issues in AI and see if you can help solve them.

S3357: SAT Prep Math - Level 5 in SATPrep Spring 2010 (Feb. 21, 2010)
Math: Section B (Python)

S2623: SAT Prep Math - Java in SATPrep Fall 2009 (Oct. 04, 2009)
Math: Section A (Java)

S2358: SAT Prep Verbal - C++ in SATPrep Spring 2009 (Feb. 22, 2009)
Verbal: Section D (C++)