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Major: Physics, Math

College/Employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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S1509: Hands-on Observational Astronomy in HSSP Fall 2008 (Sep. 13, 2008)
Introduction to hands-on astronomy. Learn about astronomical objects and find them yourself using 8" telescopes! Each class will consist of a classroom portion where you will learn about various astronomical topics, and an observation portion where you will learn to operate an amateur telescope to view objects in the night sky. Topics include: constellations, the Moon, planets, stars, star clusters, galaxies, telescope optics, CCDs, and how observation drives science in astronomy. The course is currently planned for 3 hours on Saturday evenings (1 hour class, 2 hours observation). Precise hours will be scheduled on the first day of class based on student and instructor availability. The first day of class will be held at the regular scheduled HSSP time. There will also be an optional field trip to Wellesley observatory near the end of the term.