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KEONE HON, MIT freshman studying math

Major: Math/CS

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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I grew up in Carson City, Nevada, but spent most of my high school career in Exeter, New Hampshire, where I attended boarding school. During middle and high school, one of my favorite pastimes was learning math in preparation for math contests. Now that I'm a freshman at MIT, I want to give back to the contest math community by teaching students some of what I learned. Aside from math, I enjoy playing sports (frisbee and soccer are my favorites, but anything that involves staying active is good), reading, and learning new skills.

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Polynomial Roots and Coefficients (Contest Math Series) in SPLASH (2007)
In this seminar we will look at a series of powerful techniques and tools used to solve polynomial problems that ...

Sequences and Series (Contest Math Series) in SPLASH (2007)
In this seminar we will look at techniques and tools used to study sequences and evaluate series in ways that ...