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KARLEIGH MOORE, MIT Sophomore in CMS and Philosophy

Major: CMS and 24

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2016

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My name is Karleigh Moore, I live in East Campus and I am from Lansing, Michigan. I am addicted to Tumblr ( and I am a shameless news junkie. In my free time I like to write poetry and I manage a tea shop on etsy.

Past Classes

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X8147: History of The Beatles in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
Come and learn the history of one of music's most iconic bands--The Beatles! Be prepared to learn a bunch of otherwise useless trivia and listen to a bunch of great music!

X8148: A Brief History of Information in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
Are you interested in how technology helped to aid human communication and transmission of information? Have you ever thought about how technology changes the way that humans think and interact with the world? Come to this class to find out why that might be! You will learn about the development of language, writing, the telephone and computers and what impact they had on human thought and communication patterns as it relates to information.

H8150: Tropes in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
You know those cliche and stereotypical characters and plots that just seem to pop up in EVERY TV show and movie? Helpless damsel in distress, the unsightly unaccomplished father, the bratty teenage daughter? That "this again" "surprise" ending? Welcome to the land of tropes. Come to learn about them.

W8151: Nerdfighteria: Vlogbrothers Marathon in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
Come and watch seemingly endless John and Hank Green videos! You will laugh a lot and probably learn something new.

P8152: Reenact Your Favorite Fandom/TV/Movie Scenes in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
Grab your sonic screwdriver and your trench coat and come prepared to deliver the 10th Doctor's "Don't Blink" speech. Bring a leather jacket and a flannel shirt and be both Sam and Dean as they argue about music selection. Whatever your show/movie/book is, if you want to act out your favorite scenes to a group of supportive classmates, now is your chance to do it!

X7793: Tea Blending in Splash! 2013 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2013)
Come learn how to create your own loose tea blends!

P7811: Defend Your Ship: Calling All Fangirls/boys! in Splash! 2013 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2013)
Come and write argumentative essays explaining why your ship is basically canon. Johnlock? Wincest? Snarry? Allons-y! Share with the group your argument, and come prepared to defend your ship!

W7827: Fanfiction SAT Vocab in Splash! 2013 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2013)
I will give you a list of SAT vocab words and your job is to write fanfiction (a paragraph or so is fine, but you can write as much as you want) of your choice. I will be posting our results (you can opt out of this) to Come prepared to represent your fandom and learn vocab! Bring a laptop if you can, but if you can't I will have paper/pens for you to write with.