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Major: Mind, Brain, and Education

College/Employer: Harvard Graduate School of Education

Year of Graduation: G

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X9181: The Head and The Heart: Using Art to Understand What It Means to Be Alive in HSSP Spring 2015 (Feb. 21, 2015)
We will use student experience, psychology, philosophy, physical sciences, AND multiple forms of art (including poetry, narrative, dance, and music) to look at how emotion is experienced and expressed. Examine the awesomeness of being ALIVE from the ever-growing world of art! How do your mind and body connect when it comes to emotions of all kinds? How can we use art to take a closer look at our feelings or to be free of them? How can art make us experience our emotions more intensely? Do other feeling animals exist or are humans flying solo in this emotional journey? Students will explore, create, and design individual and collective experiences of interacting with and producing art out of emotion. Note: Understanding that the study of emotions and what it means to feel is implicitly lined with sensitive content and demands an appreciation of this, in choosing and carrying out classroom lessons, we are designing the course in consideration of negative experiences students might carry and are specifically pulling materials that intend to not make anyone feel uncomfortable. While students will be asked to create their own personal art pieces each week based on the content and experience in class, the materials enlisted to spark these independent projects will be sensitive to all student experiences and environments. Above all else, we want students to feel comfortable individually in the classroom and as a group creating a safe space for sharing, working, and learning together.