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LEIGH CASADABAN, MIT senior studying Biological Engineering

Major: Biological Engineering / Biology

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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I grew up in Chicago, IL, and I came to MIT thinking I'd major in math or biology. Now I'm a 4th year undergraduate in the new biological engineering major known as course 20. I find it fascinating to learn biology, and exciting to learn engineering problem solving techniques. Ultimately, I plan to explore the rapid growth of opportunities at the intersection of engineering, medicine and life sciences.

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E2402: Biological Engineering for Beginners in HSSP Summer 2009 (Jul. 12, 2009)
This class will teach a wide range of basic skills intended to prepare you for future studies in Bio-Engineering. The topics will include: *Biochemistry *Genetics *Modeling with Python *Thermodynamics *Bio-mechanics *Fluid mechanics