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Major: Chemical Engineering

College/Employer: Cooper Union

Year of Graduation: 2015

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C8783: How does your calculator find the answer? - Numerical Analysis in Splash 2014 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2014)
A computer does not automatically find answers for us. We have to guide computers along the way. In this course, concepts of numerical methods, which are the methods that a computer uses to calculate roots of functions, will be introduced such as the midpoint method and the Newtonian method. Furthermore, application of these methods using Matlab will be taught.

B7383: Korean 101 in Splash! 2013 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2013)
Want to learn to greet your Korean friends' parents properly? What if you could order a meal at a Korean restaurant solely in Korean? What is PSY really saying in Gangnam Style? Join this class to learn some basic Korean, from the alphabet, to greetings, to even translating PSY's hit song!