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PAUL MCDERMOTT, Projects Teacher-The Grayson School

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College/Employer: The Grayson School

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Mr. McDermott's approach to teaching is both highly experiential and interdisciplinary, an method which allows students to take advantage of their natural ability to make original and inventive connections between subjects. He especially emphasizes integrating arts and performance into his lessons, from art history and architecture to theater and visual arts.

Mr. McDermott holds a Master’s degree in education from Temple University, where he also earned his B. A. in English with concentrations in literary and dramatic criticism. He has continued to pursue his own education through graduate coursework about teaching the gifted, acting and improvisation classes, and work in the DC-Arlington MakerSpace TechShop. In addition to his Elementary Education teaching certification, he also holds a state Advanced Academics Endorsement, an accreditation requiring graduate work focused on gifted education as well as a number of years of classroom experience teaching high ability students.

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A13789: Building and Performing the Tiny House Illusion in Spark 2020 (Mar. 14 - 15, 2020)
In this class students will learn how to construct and perform a very effective illusion that was designed by the famous magical inventor, Gen. Grant (an actual descendant of the Union general and president). For this illusion the magician will present a stack of cardboard sheets to the audience. The sheets are assembled into a tiny house, and the magician lifts the roof revealing the magical appearance of an assistant!