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MARYIA LU, MIT sophomore minoring in East Asian Studies

Major: 7

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Maryia Lu was born in Baltimore, MD, and has lived in 4+ states while growing up. Currently, she considers her hometown as Atlanta, GA, and was totally an orch dork throughout high school. As a Course VII, Biology, major at MIT, she will be an undergraduate research assistant this summer in the Orr-Weaver Lab at the Whitehead Institute investigating developmental regulation of DNA replication in flies. Also during this summer, she performed at the Tokyo University of the Arts in MIT's Dance Theater Ensemble's "Live Action Anime 2009: Madness at Mokuba." She is thinking about doing a minor in East Asian Studies and has taken classes like Introduction to Japanese Culture, Japanese Popular Culture, etc. She is Co-Entertainment Chair and a member of the McCormick Judicial Committee at her dorm. Occasionally, she stops by and helps out with Quiz Bowl tournaments around here. She is always interested in talking about Japanese culture or random things happening in the field of biology.

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H2413: Japanese Media: Fan Perspectives in the US and Japan in HSSP Summer 2009 (Jul. 12, 2009)
An open forum-style class about Japanese culture with a focus on media and pop culture. Anime, manga, music, television, video games, fashion, sports, etc - we will consider these topics in respect to how US fans view Japanese culture versus how it is viewed in Japan. Do you have any questions about Japanese culture? Do you wonder why androgyny is so prevalent in Japanese media? Do you want to understand more about the controversy surrounding fansubbing in the United States with respect to anime studios in Japan? Do you wonder why sumo and baseball are so popular in Japan? Come join the discussion!