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MATT RUSSELL, MIT Senior Audio Engineer

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I've been the Senior Audio Engineer at MIT for nearly 10 years now and I've been making records for close to 20 years. I work on music of all kinds, but specialize in rock, pop and electronica.

I'm an alumni of Berklee College of Music ('93) where I was a Drum Performance major. It was at Berklee where I first started playing drums on recording sessions. I wanted my drums to sound as good as they possibly could, so I started taking notes when I heard things I liked - rooms, microphones and placement, preamplifiers, etc. I wanted the best drum sounds I could get.

After Berklee, I met a now very popular Producer, Engineer and Mixer, Brian McTernan. He started mentoring me and I learned a lot of basics.

After Brian had moved away from Boston, I met another great p/e/m, Tom Polce. Tom taught me a tremendous amount over the course of approximately five years. This mentorship took me from being a near novice, to being able to deliver professional results. Many of the fundamental lessons I learned in those early days are techniques I still use today.

From there, I've gone on to work on hundreds of recordings of all kinds - rock, pop, jazz, electronic, classical and world music of all kinds. I do this work out of several Boston area recording studios and my own mix room.

You can check out examples of my work at and I hope to see you at Splash 2012.


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A6315: An overview of Producing, Engineering and Mixing Music in Splash! 2012 (Nov. 17 - 18, 2012)
MIT Senior Audio Engineer, Matt Russell, will take you through the production of a rock song he produced, engineered and mixed - from the demo to the finished product. Basic Pro Tools knowledge is helpful, but not needed.