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MAX DUNITZ, MIT sophomore studying mathematics

Major: Mathematics

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2014

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M7147: Fibonacci: Generating Functions, Sequences, & Patterns in Spark! 2013 (Mar. 16, 2013)
Counting? Series? Combinatorics? Cryptography? Fibonacci Numbers & generating functions can indeed be used to solve all of these problems! Come along on an adventure find out more about this famous sequence, and we'll develop some useful tools to analyze most any recursive sequence along the way.

M6410: Introduction to Information in Splash! 2012 (Nov. 17 - 18, 2012)
We live in the information age -- but what is information, exactly? There's a precise mathematical notion of information, and it enables all the digital communication you young people are so good with. Come get a glimpse of what it is.

M5443: The Fibonacci Sequence in Splash! 2011 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2011)
You probably already know the first few numbers of the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. After taking this class, you will be able to impress your friends by computing the 1,000,000th term without doing a lot of addition. The method we'll derive has something to do with, of all numbers, the square root of 5. Take this class if you want a deeper understanding of this important sequence that makes countless appearances in the natural world.

M4701: Famous Problems and Paradoxes in Probability in Spark! 2011 (Mar. 12, 2011)
This course is designed to expose students to creative problem solving and logical mathematical thinking. Rigor and formalism will take a back seat to exposure to interesting problems.