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MIKEY SIEGEL, Teaching fuzzy robots how to make friends with people

Major: Media Arts & Sciences - Robotics

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Mikey (Me) spends most of his time in a lab at MIT where all kinds of robots learn how to get along with people []. He loves to build all kinds of stuff, fix broken robots, and write computer programs that make robots smarter. When he's not at school he plays hand drums, takes pictures, and builds boxes of all shapes and sizes.

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Didgeridoos: How to Build em' and Play em' in SPLASH (2007)
Ever heard of a Didgeridoo? Well, check it out: [] Want to build your own and then learn how to ...

Learning to Exhale, Forever in SPLASH (2007)
Want to learn how to exhale, without stopping, EVER? Circular breathing [] is a technique which allows you to constantly ...