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MARTA MANZIN, MIT Sophomore in Mathematics with Computer Science

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Hi, my name is Marta! I love building things and doing theater. I enjoy maps, interesting textures, cooking and most fluffy things. Right now I am studying Math with a focus on theoretical CS.
I am Italian, but I lived for a couple of years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, too; this is my second year in the US.
I am very excited to teach at Spark 2017!

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X11376: In A Nutshell in Spark 2017 (Mar. 11 - 12, 2017)
Curious about the nuts and bolts of nuts? Find out where they are from and how they are processed in this hands-on, interactive seminar. The class features a practical nut-cracking lab, lots of nutty information and some fun facts that will drive you nuts. WARNING: The class will use real nuts. Students with nut allergies should consider this before enrolling.