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Major: Undecided

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2015

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Hi! I'm a froshmore at MIT currently undecided, but thinking course 6 (electrical engineering and computer science). I am from central Ohio. I play varsity volleyball and am a part of Challah for Hunger. I love building things and doing random projects. I knit, integrate, shoot skeet, program wiimotes to control computers, paint badly, and cook all of my own food.

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W5735: Play Doh Circuits! in Spark! 2012 (Mar. 10, 2012)
LEDs are fun! Play Doh is fun! Conductive Play Doh that makes your childhood creations light up is even more fun! We'll use conductive and insulating dough along with random electronic parts to see what amazing stuff we can make.