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PABLO BAQUES, Math Instructor at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Major: Math

College/Employer: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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I am interested in mathematics as a bridge to creativity, technology and communication. I have taught in my native Argentina as well as Uruguay, Romania and of course USA. I live in Newport RI but work in Boston.

In The Necklaces we will explore intriguing sequences of numbers that "close", that is to say repeat the first number after we apply a certain "grammar" to them. More than math, this is magic!

Then we use these sequences to create color patterns and even MELODIES and STORIES.

Please join me for the fun of discovery and creativity. NOT your USUAL math!...

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The Necklaces : an technovative program in creativity in SPLASH (2007)
Come and Discover intriguing sequences of numbers like 112358437... and extract melodies from them. Program an EXCEL spreadsheet to make ...