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C15942: AI and Science: An Introduction to AI and its Applications in Modern Research in HSSP Spring 2024 (Mar. 02, 2024)
Have you ever wondered what all the buzz about AI is about? In this course, we will learn about what artificial intelligence is and how it is being used in the world today. We will give you an opportunity to explore current research surrounding AI and how AI is used in various fields of science through a series of engaging lectures given by various teachers. No prior background in AI is needed - we hope to see you there!

C15856: From Sexist Recruiting Tools to Biased Sentencing Algorithms - Why we Need Ethics in AI in Splash 2023 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2023)
From personalized TikTok feeds to smart chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed our lives. However, it’s not always been for the better. In this class, you will learn about times when AI went wrong, such as sexist recruiting tools and biased criminal sentencing algorithms, and the importance of considering societal and ethical implications of AI. Find out with us in this awesome course - no prior background in AI is needed - we hope to see you there!