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College/Employer: Harvard Graduate School of Education and Yale School of Medicine

Year of Graduation: 2015

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S9198: Evaluating the Nervous System through Critical Exploration in HSSP Spring 2015 (Feb. 21, 2015)
Using the methods espoused by Eleanor Duckworth, students and I (as facilitator) will critically explore how to evaluate the Nervous System using everyday items and drawing on the student's personal experiences. The content discussed in the class will be a reflection of the student's inquiries and not predetermined or prescribed by me as facilitator. Potential topics to be discussed may be their conceptions of the brain,spinal cord, peripheral nerves, individual neurons and reflex arcs. My professional background is as a Yale School of Medicine student who has finished his 3rd year of medical training. I have taught Anatomy and Cellular biology at the medical school level as well as Organic Chemistry at the undergraduate level. I am currently a masters student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Special Studies Program.