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RICHARD CHEN, MIT junior studying Civil Engineering and Math

Major: Course 1, Course 18

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2025

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Hi! I'm a Massachusetts native in my third year at MIT studying Civil Engineering and Math. I'm specifically interested in using computation and data science to work on sustainability related topics and have done projects relating to materials science, carbon markets, wildfires, and energy systems thus far. Outside of classes, I'm involved in a faith group and also do singing. Whenever I have a bit of time, I like birdwatching, playing basketball, playing clarinet, or just spending time with friends.

Past Classes

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S15817: Forestryyyyy in Splash 2023 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2023)
In this class, we talk about the giant beings that peacefully living alongside us ... trees! We will get to the roots of how trees function and their various features. A discussion about the many benefits that trees provide will transform your prior be-leafs about trees, while a discussion on best management practices and threats to the health our forests will show you the importance of good forest stewardship.

S14814: Treeeeeeeees!! in Splash 2021 (Nov. 20 - 21, 2021)
Come to this class to learn more about the fascinating world of trees! You might think that trees are just sitting there doing nothing, but in fact, there is plenty that you can observe about trees, even in the winter when all of their leaves drop.