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Major: 18

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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M1213: Counting Problems in Spark! Spring 2008 (Mar. 08, 2008)
This course will explore some cool combinatorial identities and bijections.

S1192: Eureka! A historical and cultural discovery of California in HSSP Spring 2008 (Mar. 15, 2008)
With a rich and varied history and culture, California, the 31st state, has attracted countless millions to its great land. From the first Native Americans to the Spanish missionaries to the gold seekers to the movie stars, many have called California home. And why is California so attractive to those who seek it out? Come and find out as you examine its vibrant past and present! Discuss its days as a Mexican territory; experience the adventure of its wild west lifestyle; be awed by its magnificent and breathtaking landscapes; travel the famed Route 66; enjoy its fruits and other agricultural gifts; participate in one of the world's ten largest economies; relax in its idyllic climate; live the Californian life. Students will be taught a large selection of themes and events related to the State of California and take part in in-class projects. No previous knowledge on California is necessary, but all are welcome to share any experiences and opinions they might have.