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Major: Brain & Cog Sci

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2005

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Music & the Brain in SPLASH (2007)
ever wonder what happens in your ears and brain when you hear a song? we'll be talking about music and ...

Intro to Brain and Cognitive Sciences in HSSP (2006)
Are you interested in learning about how the mind and brain works? Do you wonder how the brain is affected ...

Language Disorders & the Brain in SPLASH (2005)
The human brain is uniquely equipped to understand and produce richly-structured language. What happens when this language faculty is disrupted? ...

The Beautiful Brain in SPLASH (2005)
Ever wonder why you had a crush on that guy/girl from algebra class? Come find out about the neural basis ...

Music and the Brain in SPLASH (2004)
Ever wonder what happens in your noggin when you hear a tune you like? Come find out! In this class, ...