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IAN PALLEIKO, Music Producer & Sound Designer

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College/Employer: Self (Subnet)

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Ian Palleiko (aka Subnet) is a 7-time Splash and Spark participant, music producer, and sound designer. He completed the Music Production Workshop at Berklee College of Music and has studied sound design with Durk Kooistra (founder of Audiomotif and sound designer for Fallout New Vegas) Ian is unrelenting when it comes to technical perfection and sound engineering. His personal focus is mainly bass music, and his influences include 16bit, Trolley Snatcha, and Noisia.

If he can ever manage to stop making music long enough to finish his education, Ian plans to work in cybersecurity. He also likes to make stuff, and serves as a judge for the Academy of Applied Science Young Inventor's Program. The coveted Palleiko Innovation Award (an origami 5 integrated tetrahedron dodecahedron made out of cash) is given to Ian's favorite kind of inventor – the hacker.

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P8354: Electronic Music Production Workshop in Spark 2014 (Mar. 15 - 16, 2014)
In this interactive workshop, we'll have a small studio setup with Ableton, a couple midi keyboards, a Novation Launchpad, and KRK Rockit studio monitors. After a brief overview of software and hardware, we'll have a student-led, interactive session. Whatever you want to do – we can go into more depth on a subject, give everyone time with the equipment, or have an electronic music jam session. All experience levels are welcome! If you're working on a song and want some input, bring your computer and I'll take a look at it if we have time.