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SAUL VEGA SAUCEDA, MIT rising junior studying Computer Science

Major: Computer Science and Engineering

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2024

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I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. I come from a big family. I love to watch soccer (or football, depending on where you are from) and play video games. Outside of school, I have conducted research with the Chemical Engineering department in computation chemistry. This summer I will be researching at CSAIL.

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C15088: Intro to Computer Science and Programming with Python in HSSP Summer 2022 (Jul. 09, 2022)
Come and learn how to code in Python - one of the most popular programming languages. We will teach you the basics of coding from start to finish! Not only will you learn how to code, but you will learn some popular and useful concepts in computer science like algorithms, graphs, encryption, etc.! These topics will show how Google finds the fastest route and how our devices encrypt messages when communicating.