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THEODORA VARDOULI, PhD Student Design and Computation, MIT

Major: Architecture

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: G

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Theodora is pursuing a PhD in Design and Computation at the MIT Department of Architecture. Her academic background includes a SMArchS in Design and Computation from MIT, a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (MPhil) in Design-Space-Culture and a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. She has taught as an assistant in the MIT Department of Architecture, at the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and at the NTUA School of Architecture. As a member of the Design and Computation Group she has initiated the DCG Reading Group (ReaDCG), organized the Spring 2012 DCG exhibition for the MIT150, curated the Group participation in the AAG 2012 Video Panorama in the Pompidou Center in Paris, and participated in the Academic Platform of the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012. Theodora is an MIT Presidential Fellow, and a Fulbright, S.A. Onassis and A.G. Leventis Foundation Scholar. Parallel to her academic endeavors, she practices Architecture in Greece.

Past Classes

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A6875: Narrative ↔ Space: Seeing Stories, Writing Spaces in HSSP Spring 2013 (Mar. 02, 2013)
You pick up your favorite novel, you turn the pages and the words disappear. You find yourself immersed in a world of your imagination, half rendered at parts, palpably real in others. You don’t read anymore, you just see the story unfolding, changing as you look. You may not realize it, but you are in your very own design. Every time we read a story we dynamically construct an imaginary space where we place characters, actions and movements to make sense of what we read. Narrative ↔ Space is a class based on discussions and hands-on workshops, through which we will explore the idea that the act of reading is not only an active process of (re)writing, but also an act of designing. If you are curious in learning how you experience stories through space, and/or are interested in experimenting with hands-on ways through which you can represent and communicate the story-spaces of your imagination, then this is the class for you! By the end of Narrative ↔ Space you will be able to understand important space-related concepts in narrative theory, identify the strengths and limitations of narrative as a way to describe and/or design spatial experience, and explore creative intersections between storytelling and designing, reading and seeing. The class includes seven sessions, divided between “talk” (readings and discussion) and “do” (hands-on workshop) sessions. There are no prerequisites, apart from an eagerness to read, talk, experiment, and share. Join Narrative ↔ Space this Spring and become a creative reader, an imaginative author, and an inventive designer, by learning to see in your and other people’s stories! More course information: <>