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S12843: The Science of Recognizing Good Science in HSSP Spring 2019 (Feb. 23, 2019)
Has it ever been difficult for you to discern when scientific research reported in the media is being exaggerated, misunderstood, or flat-out fabricated? Are you eager to learn more about how professional scientists conduct research and assess the validity of their results? Do you want to be able to explain to that one Facebook friend why their link to a "scientific" study has issues? Topical subjects such as climate change research, vaccine efficacy and safety studies, and stem cell research will be discussed in an objective context to identify what makes up a good (or not-so-good) study and how its contributions to a scientific body of knowledge can be evaluated by the larger scientific community. This course will touch on important facets of research, including the scientific method, proper construction of hypotheses, ensuring statistically robust scientific studies, the peer-review process, and the design of clinical trials. No pre-existing knowledge of how to conduct scientific research is assumed, but students should plan to participate in interactive, seminar-like discussions. All questions regarding the process of conducting and evaluating scientific research are highly encouraged.