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YUE ZHANG, MIT Senior Studying Biology and Chemistry

Major: 5 (Chemistry), 7 (Biology)

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2019

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I am a senior attending MIT majoring in biology and chemistry. I enjoy learning about human physiology, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. I aspire to become a physician while conducting biomedical research.

I have lived in many parts of the world in my childhood, including parts of Japan and China, New York, Pennsylvania, and finally, Kentucky.

I am always fascinated by the intricate ways in which biology and chemistry are intertwined. I have greatly enjoyed teaching MathCounts skills to middle school students and I love helping others understand new things. My other hobbies include running, violin, and listening to music.

Taking AP Chemistry in my sophomore year of high school was one of the most important turning points for me. I believe that a knowledge of chemistry is an essential to our lives, no matter if you plan to study engineering or economics. With chemistry, we can analyze and make sense of the tangible world. Some people may view chemistry as a difficult subject; I promise you, chemistry is governed by a set of basic principles that have wide applicability. I look forward to teaching an introduction to the wonderful study of chemistry, or "huàxué," the study of change. I hope this class changes your perspectives toward the world.

Past Classes

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S12553: General Chemistry Cram in Splash 2018 (Nov. 17 - 18, 2018)
Any topic in general chemistry/AP chemistry/MIT 5.112 on demand.

S11631: General Chemistry Cram in Splash 2017 (Nov. 18 - 19, 2017)
Learn all of general chemistry in 3 hours. Content is based around the AP Chemistry exam and MIT's introductory chemistry course.

P11428: Basic Chemistry in Spark 2017 (Mar. 11 - 12, 2017)
Learn some basic chemistry

S10848: AP Chemistry Cram in Splash 2016 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2016)
Learn all of AP chemistry in 3-4 hours!

S10852: Drugs in Splash 2016 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2016)
Ever wonder what's in the medicines you use and what they do? This will cover many of the common drugs and their structures. Bonus material: Discussion can lead to how they affect biochemical pathways and what to do in case of overdose.

S9741: General Chemistry Cram in Splash 2015 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2015)
Chemistry is everywhere and explains so much of what we interact with daily. This class teaches the fundamentals of first year college chemistry with topics including stoichiometry, solubility, gases, thermochemistry, atomic theory, hybridization, bonding, colligative properties, kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamics, acid-base theory, electrochemistry, and properties of elements. This class will cover most, if not all of AP chemistry. This class lasts about 4 hours.