Delve Program Details

ESP no longer runs the Delve program; Delve is now run by another MIT student organization, the Academic Teaching Initiative (ATI). Please visit ATI's website or contact for more information.

Class Days

For Delve 2013-2014: each Sunday, Delve classes run from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM, with each class period organized at the teacher's discretion. There is a 1-hour lunch break from 1:00-2:00PM.

Delve classes begin September 15 and run every Sunday except for a few weekends until the AP exams in May. We will also have practice exam sessions as well. All of the class days and vacations are scheduled on the Delve Calendar.

If a class is ever canceled (snow days, teacher illness, etc.) a notice will be posted at Class Cancellations at 7:00 AM day-of in the case of snow days and as soon as possible in all other cases.


In order to register for Delve in the 2013-2014 school year, you must fill out the application here.

The early-bird deadline for the application is June 15th. If you apply by June 15th, your application will be considered equally to all student in that round. If you apply after June 15th, your application will be considered on a rolling basis until either (a) classes fill or (b) August 31st, whichever comes first for your classes of interest.

Age Requirements

The Delve program is designed for motivated high schoolers who are enthusiastic about their own learning. We recommend that students complete the recommended prerequisites for the course they are applying for. However, we do welcome applications from students who may not have formally completed all the prerequisites for a given course; bearing in mind that these students may have to invest significantly more time to keep up with the course.

What Classes are Offered?

Class offerings differ from year to year, but we almost always offer at least one section each of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Calculus BC, and frequently offer other common AP subjects like Statistics and Calculus AB. Our teachers are all MIT students and community members who have prepared for and taken the AP themselves.

THIS YEAR we will be running:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Physics B
  • AP Physics C (Mechanics and E&M component)
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Statistics

Since Delve meets only once a week, teachers assign homework and expect their students to come to class prepared. Teachers organize their syllabi around the College Board's official AP syllabi, but they are often keen to take interesting side tracks or present more advanced material to keep their students' interest. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns and space availability, Delve does not offer the lab components of its AP courses.

Recommended Prerequisites

For the classes we are running in the coming year, a recommended list of prerequisites follows. Please keep in mind that these are not formal prerequisites, and are only suggestions for the purpose of gauging personal preparedness. We welcome applications from students who have not completed these prerequisites, and encourage you otherwise demonstrate your proficiency in the subject on your application.

  • AP Biology: 1 year of high school-level Biology
  • AP Calculus BC: 1 year of high school-level Calculus or AB Calculus
  • AP Chemistry: 1 year of high school-level Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science: Algebra II recommended, no computing prerequisites
  • AP Physics C (Mechanics and E&M component): 1 year of high-school level Calculus
  • AP Psychology: Proficiency in experimental design and writing

Getting Course Credit

We are frequently asked to provide credit for Delve classes, since they cover so much material found in a standard school curriculum. However, since ESP is not an accredited high school or educational institution, we can't provide any official credit or transcript. By request, we can send a letter to your school with the class syllabus and a note from the teacher summarizing your performance, with a letter grade if they choose.

In particular, Delve classes are not accredited by the college board in any way. Although they are intended to prepare you for an AP exam they cannot be listed as AP classes on a transcript. .

Students with Handicaps

If your child has any physical handicaps, please inform us ahead of time so we can make suitable arrangements. If your child has any other special needs, please inform us. While we will work with your child to the best of our ability, our teachers are college students and are not trained in how to handle special needs children.

Taking the AP exam through us:

We will offer some but not all AP exams: see this page for more information

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