The Student application for Cascade 2018 is open!!! Apply Here!

Program Vitals

What: Learn anything at Cascade! At Cascade, you will take two classes every Saturday for five weeks. Classes are offered by MIT community members (undergraduates, graduates, or faculty) or members of nearby universities, and can be about anything the teacher cares a lot about. As a Cascade student, you will take a morning class, have lunch with your classmates, take a second class, and end with a guest presentation.
Classes: You will choose 2 of 6 core classes. This year's classes will be: Design / Build / Fly, Jamming With Ableton Live, The Foundations of Intelligence: An Introduction to Neuroscience, How the Immune System Works, Writing about Oneself, and How to Build a Thinking Machine.
When: Cascade 2018 will take place on Saturday mornings from 10:30am-3pm, from October 6th through November 3rd.
Who: Students are eligible if they attend ninth or tenth grade at local partner Boston area schools. If you are a student interested in Cascade, please encourage your school or one of your teachers to contact us, and fill out the application. In addition email us expressing your interest and include the name of your school.
Cost: Cascade is free for all students, including lunch and CharlieCards!
Where: MIT's main campus

The Cascade 2018 application will open on September 14th. If you are a student interested in Cascade, please ask one of your teachers or school administrators to contact us. They can email us at or call us at 617-253-4882.

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