Spring HSSP 2014 is underway! After skipping March 15th, classes will continue on March 22nd.
Information about Summer HSSP will be available starting in mid-May.

Program Vitals

What: HSSP is a 6- to 8-week academic program that runs on weekends. Classes -- both academic and non-academic -- will be offered in multiple time blocks. This year's catalog can be found here.

Who: Spring HSSP is open to current 7th graders through 12th graders.

When: Spring HSSP 2014 will be held March 1st through April 26th, skipping March 15th (for Spark!) and April 12th.

How: The Spring HSSP 2014 catalog is now out! The class lottery will be open February 6th through February 12th.

Cost: The entire 7-week program costs $40, regardless of how many classes are attended. Generous financial aid is available!

  • Spring HSSP will open class registration Thursday, February 6th.
  • Fall HSSP runs at Harvard University. Visit their website for information, and if you questions, contact harvardesp@gmail.com rather than e-mailing MIT ESP.

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