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Registration for Summer HSSP has now closed. Students: you should have gotten an email with more information.

Welcome to HSSP!

With over fifty years of history, HSSP is a multi-weekend program where hundreds of middle/high schoolers come to take classes, both academic and non-academic, at MIT. Join us for many days of learning anything and everything!

HSSP is fully student-run by MIT ESP. It is held once during spring and once during summer.

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Learn Anything!

HSSP classes cover various fields, from "Crime Scene Chemistry" to "The Mathematics of Music" to "Politics for the Modern Era". Over the course of multiple weeks, you can take a deep dive into whatever interests you, be it algorithms, Irish history, bioengineering or quantum mechanics!

When is HSSP?

Summer HSSP 2020 will be running on Saturdays, from July 11 to August 15!

Spring HSSP 2021 dates have not been determined yet.

Who Can Participate?

Spring HSSP is open to current 7th to 12th graders. Summer HSSP is open to rising 7th graders to graduating 12th graders.

Unfortunately, absolutely no exceptions can be made to this policy.

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HSSP Classes

Each class runs for the full duration of the program. On average, HSSP students will receive one or two classes. Check out the catalog for Summer 2020 here!

HSSP Details

Many frequently asked questions are answered on our website. For more information, start by visiting the Summer HSSP Details page.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us at summer-hssp@mit.edu.


The entire program costs $40, regardless of how many classes attended. The program fee is paid after your class lottery results are released and you confirm your enrollment.

Generous financial aid is available!


Registration for Summer HSSP 2020 is now closed.

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