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Welcome to Splash!

Since its founding in 1988, Splash has become MIT's largest annual teaching and learning extravaganza. For one awesome weekend every November, thousands of high schoolers will flood campus to take classes, taught by MIT students, on anything and everything. Come be a part of this iconic MIT event!

Splash is fully student-run by MIT ESP.

Learn Anything!

From music theory to Hungarian history to aircraft analysis, Splash offerings number over 500 every year and span a wide variety of areas. Want to take a class on origami? Lasers? Neuropharmacology? All of these could be options open to you!

Over the weekend of Splash, you can get your feet wet with a short introduction to any number of subjects—things you always wanted to learn and topics you never knew existed—or you can dive headfirst into in-depth seminars and intensive workshops.

Who Can Participate?

High school students in grades 9–12 can attend Splash. (Unfortunately, absolutely no exceptions can be made to this policy.)

Splash Classes

Check out the catalog for the list of Splash classes offered this year!

Splash Details

Splash 2019 takes place on November 23–24, the weekend before Thanksgiving. For more information, please visit our program details page.

Questions? Email us at splash@mit.edu.

Register Now!

Registration for Splash 2019 is now open! Head over to the registration steps page to start the registration process.

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