In 7th or 8th grade? Read about Spark instead! Head over to our Spark page to learn more.

Splash 2013 is over. Thank you for coming; we'll see you next year!

Important Policy Change: Splash is now for 9–12th graders only; starting in the spring, Spark will be for 7–8th graders only. Read More

Program Vitals

What: Take a bunch of short classes on a huge variety of cool topics (see our past course catalog for details).
When: November 22–23, 2014, the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Who: Students in grades 9–12. This is different from last year's 7–12 range. For more information about why we're making this change, see our info page.
Cost: $40 for an entire weekend of classes. Food and t-shirts cost extra. As always, generous financial aid is available; fill out this form to apply. We do not provide housing for students coming from out of town, but they can consult our list of hotels nearby.
Where: On MIT's main campus.

Welcome to Splash!

For one awesome weekend each November, thousands of high schoolers flood MIT's campus to take classes, taught by MIT students, on anything and everything. From music theory to Hungarian history to aircraft analysis, Splash offerings number over 400 every year and span a wide variety of areas. Want to take a class on origami? Lasers? Neuropharmacology? All are open to you.

Over the course of 21 hours during Splash, you can get your feet wet with a short introduction to any number of subjects—things you always wanted to learn and topics you never knew existed—or you can dive head first into an in-depth seminar or intensive workshop.

In addition to normal classes, Splash also offers walk-in activities: hands-on events where you can show up or leave whenever you want. Walk-ins are great for filling gaps in your schedule, and they don't require you to sign up in advance (although you must be registered for Splash to attend). Planned activities include everything from modular origami to bubble tea-making to games of SET to chainmail crafting. There's something for everyone!

To get a better idea of the amazing variety of classes offered at Splash, check out our course catalog.

Logistics & Details

Registration for Splash will open in late October! You'll need to pick classes through our lottery system, so be sure to follow the instructions in order to maximize your chances of getting the classes you want.

Logistical information, including where to check in, how to find food, and more is available on our Info Page. Splash makes heavy use of email, so check your inbox for additional instructions closer to Splash. If the information here doesn't answer your questions, please contact us at splash@mit.edu.

You should print the liability waiver and get it signed by a parent or guardian, and bring it to check-in on the first day of Splash to speed up the registration process. If you will be coming to Splash without a parent, make sure to have the liability form signed beforehand.

A note on the insurance requirement: New MIT regulations require students at all ESP programs to be covered by health insurance valid in Massachusetts. For more information, see our Medical FAQ.

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