Walk-ins FAQ (for students)

If you find yourself with nothing to do between classes, drop into one of the walk-ins rooms and learn something fun! You don't need to register for walk-in activities; just drop by whenever you have some free time. Planned activities include everything from learning to solder to making forts using cardboard boxes—there will be something for everyone. 


Q: Where can I find a schedule of classes and locations?
A: The Splash 2023 walk-in activities schedule can be found here

Q: Do I need to register for walk-in activities?
A: No, just show up!

Q: Where will walk-ins be held during in-person Splash?
A: Walk-ins will be in Lobby 13! Check back closer to the program (or keep an eye on your emails) for more details for how to get to Lobby 13.

Q: When do walk-in activities run?
A: Walk-in activities begin and end at the half-hour mark. For Splash 2023, walk-in activities will run from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday and from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Sunday.

Q: Can I do only walk-in activities? (and not any typical Splash classes?)
A: Yes, you are welcome to take only walk-in activities. However, the types of classes that we can offer as walk-in activities are limited, and we encourage you to look at our standard class offerings as well to get more variety. If you do decide to only attend walk-in activities, you must still register for Splash, and the fee for the program is still the same.

Q: Is there an age limit or required experience?
A: You must be a registered and signed-in Splash student, in 9th-12th grade, but otherwise no. A few walk-in classes might have prerequisites, but the vast majority will not.

Q: Why do walk-in activities?
A: If you have a break between two classes, you should spend your time at walk-in activities! Meet other Splash students and do something awesome!

Q: How does content differ from normal classes?
A: Walk-in activities are more hands-on, and you can join and leave a walk-in activity whenever you want. They are not lecture classes.

Q: Can I unregister for a class and attend a walk-in activity instead?
A: Yes! However, you should unregister from your class to free up the spot for other students. While registration is open, you can do that by clicking the "remove" button next to the class name; if registration is closed, you should email splash@mit.edu. Splash is a highly oversubscribed program; we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know if you don't want a spot you currently hold in a class!

Q: Will walk-in activities replace normal classes?
A: No, there will still be normal classes. Walk-in activities are a separate type of class offered in addition to normal classes.

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