Splash 2013 Info

Everything you Wanted to Know about Splash

Time and Date: Splash 2013 will take place on November 23–24, 2013, the weekend before Thanksgiving. On Saturday, Splash classes will run from 10am to 10pm and on Sunday, classes will run from 9am to 7pm. You can purchase meal tickets at helpdesk to eat lunch at either 12 noon or 1pm each day, and dinner at 6pm Saturday; more detailed information is under Food.

Morning Check-In will be from 8:00am to 11AM in the DuPont Gymnasium in Building W31. This is the same location that morning check-in was held at for Splash 2012 and Spark 2013. When you arrive at MIT for Splash, you should first come to check-in to pay (if you haven't done so online), turn in your forms, and receive your schedule.

If you're arriving later in the day (after 11:30am), you should check in at Lobby 10.

Once again, because it's important: You MUST check in before you do anything else when you arrive (in DuPont or in Lobby 10, depending on what time you arrive). Please plan to arrive for check-in at least 60 minutes before your first class, especially if you're arriving in the morning when lines tend to be long.

If you do not check in by 11:00am (or one hour before your first class, whichever comes later), your spot in your classes will be released and other students may switch into your classes.

The liability form can be found here. We must receive a completed liability form from you before giving you your schedule; this means the form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Can I come for only part of Splash? Yes! You can come for as much or as little of the weekend as you like. When you enroll, only specify preferences for classes during the times you plan to be at Splash.

Student Registration: Student registration is now closed!

Liability Waiver: You should print the liability waiver and get it signed by a parent or guardian, and bring it to check-in on the first day of Splash to speed up the registration process. If you will be coming to Splash without a parent, make sure to have the liability form signed beforehand.

Walk-in Activities: In addition to normal classes, Splash also has walk-in activities, which are classes designed to let students wander in and out at any point. You can find more information about them, including the schedule, at this page.

Class Locations: Splash is on the MIT campus. Most of our classrooms are just off the Infinite Corridor, in buildings 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,13,16, 26 and 32. You can see a map at whereis.mit.edu, and we'll give you a paper copy when you check in. All of these buildings are connected to each other, so you'll rarely have to go outside or cross a street.

Cost: Splash 2013 will cost $40. This is $40 for the entire weekend, no matter how many classes you take. Payments can be made online by credit card (after lottery results are released), or by check or cash at morning check-in. Generous financial aid is available; the application is located within the registration process.

Please make all checks out to "MIT ESP" and write your child's first and last name in the memo field.

Special Arrangements: If your child has any physical handicaps or other special needs, please inform us well ahead of time so we can make suitable arrangements (a volunteer to lead them around, a large-print map for visual impairments, etc.). Please note: while we will work with your child to the best of our ability, our teachers are college students and are not trained in working with children with special needs. If you have further questions, please take a look at our information page or email us at splash@mit.edu.

Parking: Limited parking will be available for Splash. If you can use public transportation, please do so!

Parking is available at two garages on the MIT campus for all of Splash. We have arrangements to use the N10 lot at 155 Mass. Ave, and the Stata Garage at 32 Vassar St. Parking will be free to people who mention Splash to the attendant, but please be aware that space is limited.

Parking will also be available for $5 at the Albany Garage and the West Garage.

If you need to park your car, try to get to Splash early (around 7:30 am). Parking is available from 7:30am to midnight on Saturday, and 8am to 8pm on Sunday. If you can use public transportation, please do so, to leave parking spots for people who don't have access to public transportation.

Mass transit: To get to the MIT campus by mass transit, take the Green Line B or C train to Hynes Convention Center; then walk upstairs and take the #1 Bus outbound to the “77 Massachusetts Ave / MIT” stop (don't cross the street from the train station).

Alternatively, from Hynes Convention Center, walk north four blocks on Massachusetts Ave and cross the Harvard Bridge; from there, keep going on Massachusetts Ave for another half-block and follow the signs to the correct building. Expect about 40 minutes of travel time.

Finally, you can also take the Red Line to Kendall/MIT, from which there will be chalk marking the sidewalk to check-in. Note that the Red Line is undergoing construction, and a shuttle bus will replace the T between Kendall/MIT and Park Street. You may want to allocate extra travel time to account for delays.

Parents: We are very grateful to the many parents who drive their students to Splash and are generally supportive of our programs.

As in past years, we will be running a Parents' Program. This year, parents will be able to attend example Splash classes; classes on gifted education and the college search; and (as space allows) tours of MIT. All Parents' Program classes will be held on the third floor of the Student Center. A complete schedule can be found here.

We also encourage parents to see the sights in Cambridge and Boston. A list of popular activities and places to eat can be found here.

Please note: we expect Splash students to be mature enough navigate campus autonomously. ESP's policy on parent attendance of classes can be viewed here.

Where to Stay: Some students come from far away to attend Splash. It you need somewhere to stay overnight, check out these hotels. We do not offer space in MIT dorms for Splash students.

In addition, please note that hotels do not, in general, allow minors to stay in a hotel by themselves. Splash volunteers cannot provide assistance in checking students into hotels.

Food: We strongly recommend that each student plan breaks in their class schedule for meals. ESP will serve three meals: Saturday and Sunday lunch (from 12 noon to 2 pm) and Saturday dinner (from 6pm to 7pm); to eat ESP-provided meals, students must purchase meal tickets. These can be purchased during Splash (go to helpdesk; while supplies last – they sell out fast!). Many students also take advantage of food vendors around campus—check out our food guide. Please be aware that there may be long lines at these vendors during Splash.

Food will be burritos for Saturday lunch, pizza for Saturday dinner, and sandwiches for Sunday lunch.

T-Shirts: Students can purchase a Splash t-shirt in Lobby 10 after 12:30pm on the Saturday of Splash. Shirts will cost $10.

Insurance: All ESP programs require students to have medical insurance valid in the state of Massachusetts. This means that your health insurance will cover health care costs at Massachusetts facilities in the unlikely event that medical care is necessary during Splash. If you have questions about your particular situation, email splash-medical@mit.edu. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to this policy.

If you do not currently have medical insurance, you can obtain temporary travel insurance, which suffices if it covers medical emergencies.

For more information, check out our medical FAQ.

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