The Educational Studies Program is committed to providing an environment that is accessible and inclusive for individuals with disabilities. If you need a disability-related accommodation to fully participate in any of our programs, please email esp@mit.edu at least one month prior to the date of the program. If there is less than a month to the program, we encourage you to still reach out, and we will strive to accomodate your needs.

The accommodations that ESP can provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Contacting teachers to request they prepare materials to accommodate a visual, auditory, or learning disability
  • Providing a volunteer to assist the student in locating wheelchair accessible paths through MIT’s campus
  • Hiring an American Sign Language interpreter

While ESP seeks to provide any accommodations needed for students to fully enjoy our programs, we also acknowledge that ESP’s teachers are largely undergraduate and graduate student volunteers, who have not received training on working with students with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns about whether ESP’s classroom setting is appropriate for your child, please contact us at esp@mit.edu.

Last modified on Oct. 12, 2022 at 09:11 p.m.