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Major: Liberal Arts

College/Employer: Lakes Regions Community College

Year of Graduation: 2013

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I can say this.
I have never been good at filling out Biographical boxes.
I am a Music Educator not an English Teacher. :P
If you have questions about me and you are a parent, then do not hesitate to ask :)

Past Classes

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A4488: HSSP Symphonic Band in HSSP Spring 2011 (Feb. 19, 2011)
The HSSP Symphonic Band is a course designed to challenge students ranging from middle school level to advanced high schoolers. Music ranges from classical to modern day movie soundtracks! This class will go over a variety of subjects that will advance and polish students techniques. As a final for this class, the students will put on a final concert to show how far they have come! Any students who play more than one instrument please make note of what other instruments you play! As of now the Symphonic Band will be accepting String Instrumentalist into the group! So feel free to join :D

A4489: HSSP Concert Choir in HSSP Spring 2011 (Feb. 19, 2011)
The HSSP Concert Choir welcomes vocalist from the middle school to advanced high school levels. This class will be taught songs ranging from classical to modern culture as well as music in foreign languages. Students will be covering a variety of knowledge on advancing and polishing their vocal techniques. At the end of this class, as a final students will be performing a concert to show the hard work and effort that they have put into the class.

A3762: Splash Concert Choir 2010 in Splash! 2010 (Nov. 20 - 21, 2010)
Like to sing? Have you ever had the urge to get together with total strangers - and some friends? Then this class is perfect for you! Please specify your voice part, and if you can, drag friends. The goals in this class are to work on blending, tone quality, vibrato (when and when not to use), singing with Divisis, maintaining pitch, holding longer notes, and choreographical skills (for certain pieces).

HSSP Concert Choir in HSSP (2011)
The HSSP Concert Choir is a performance arts class in which students will learn a variety of music. Those who ...