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BENJAMIN PARK, MIT Senior studying physics & music

Major: 8 & 21M

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Now entering my senior year at MIT, my primary interests reflect my two majors - physics and music. I have thoroughly enjoyed pursuing both while at MIT and currently plan on continuing on to graduate school (somewhere) to study composition. When I'm not hard at work on a physics P-set or composing music, you'll probably find me with MIT's premiere improv comedy troupe, Roadkill Buffet.

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P1754: Truth in Comedy in Splash! 2008 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2008)
Join members of Roadkill Buffet, MIT's premiere improv comedy troupe, and learn the basics of improv, the art of acting without a script. Learn why being funny isn't the most important part of improv and why a scene about an astronaut and beekeeper will never be successful!

AP Music Theory in DELVE (2009)
This class is intended to develop your ability to analyze and use patterns and materials of common practice music. Some ...