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ARIANA BOLTAX, Vet Student at Cornell, ESP Junkie

Major: Chemistry

College/Employer: Brandeis University

Year of Graduation: 2014

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J8430: Chemical Biology and Evolutionary Medicine in Junction 2014 (Jul. 07, 2014)
Deepen your understanding of chemical biology from an evolutionary perspective by investigating the mechanisms behind Huntington’s Disease.

S7329: How Doctors Do It: Making Diagnoses from Xrays in Splash! 2013 (Nov. 23 - 24, 2013)
No previous knowledge required. Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes while your doctor decides on a diagnosis from your X-ray? This class explores the use of X-rays in the medical field and is applicable to anyone with an interest in science, medicine, or just a general desire to learn something new! Students will leave this class with a general knowledge of how X-ray machines work and what types of materials (tissue, fluid, bone, metal) they see when they view X-rays at their doctor’s office. We will be going through real-life examples of X-rays taken of wildlife patients at the New England Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. By the end of this class, students will be prepared to read X-rays and postulate about the health status of the patient.