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J8428: Advanced Classical Physics
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Robert Jones

Learn some of the most fascinating classical physics Newton didn’t know, including chaos, relativity, waves, and field theories.

J8426: Philosophy through Russian Literature
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jonathan Gerkin

Embark on a journey through the white nights and frozen vastness of Russian literature, armed only with the warning of Nietzsche: “When you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss gazes back into you.”

J8431: Cellular Neurobiology
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Nachum Serota

Explore topics from toxicology to neurodegenerative disease, building up knowledge from foundational concepts to ultimately discuss cutting-edge research.

J8427: Environmental Chemistry
Difficulty: **

Use chemistry to understand how human activities can affect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the global properties of our atmosphere and oceans.

J8430: Chemical Biology and Evolutionary Medicine
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Ariana Boltax

Deepen your understanding of chemical biology from an evolutionary perspective by investigating the mechanisms behind Huntington’s Disease.

J8429: Mathematical Insights in Computing
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Chelsea Voss

Problem-solving meets philosophy as we explore mind-blowing ideas from the theoretical study of complex systems: computers, minds, and beyond.

Algebra II and precalculus (or equivalent knowledge)

J8432: Cryptographic Security
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Kit Haines

Puzzles meet awesome spy stories as we examine methods of encryption, crack ciphers, and build a theoretical understanding of information security.

J8425: American Government Simulation
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Ryan Normandin

Become corrupt, impeach the President, start a war—the sky’s the limit! Or rather, the Constitution is, but even that can be amended…