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Major: 6-3 (Computer Science)

College/Employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Loves a cappella, loves 6, loves dancing and being an overall jolly guy.

Past Classes

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C1665: What's Wrong With The Internets in Splash! 2008 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2008)
Ever wanted a really high score on Tetris? Want to know what your friends are _really_ saying about on Google Chat? Well, we'll show you some techniques for figuring that sort of thing out.

A Cappella 101 in SPLASH (2006)
Ever wonder how they make those crazy sounds with their mouths? How exactly _do_ you replicate drums with your voice? ...

A capella 101 in SPLASH (2005)
Come learn about the wonderful and exciting world of a capella music. Learn how to arrange, how to do some ...