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CELESTE CHEN, Georgetown soph. Neurobio, Studio Art double major

Major: Neurobiology, Studio Art

College/Employer: Georgetown University

Year of Graduation: 2014

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Celeste Chen is a rising junior at Georgetown University double majoring in Neurobiology and Studio Art. She started out at HSSP as a high school sophomore where she fell in love with the program, and now she's decided to co-teach a class! As an artist in the DC area, Celeste has exhibited in spaces like Tryst Coffeehouse and Artomatic and at events like Modus Union. Her most recent work investigates the interaction between environment and self in the deconstruction and recreation of self-image. As an artist in her 20s, this theme holds personal meaning as Chen too undergoes the process of rediscovery as she examines her own personal relationships.

Celeste has been interested in film as an art medium for a good while and is in love with the cinematography of Christopher Doyle. She hopes to explore the relationship between art and film through her HSSP class Art and Experimental Film this summer and looks forward to the quirky conversations and video clips that will most certainly be sampled!

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A5956: Art and Experimental Film in HSSP Summer 2012 (Jul. 08, 2012)
Are movies like Avatar experimental films? What exactly is experimental film, and what does art have to do with it? And seriously, why is Yoko Ono still famous? This course aims to explore experimental film in an arts context. No prior exposure or knowledge of experimental film are required.Just an open mind and enthusiasm for kooky videos and quirky conversation is needed!