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GEORGE HANSEL, MIT junior in physics and member of the SEVT!

Major: 8

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2012

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H5056: Cross-Cultural Bro Studies in Splash! 2011 (Nov. 19 - 20, 2011)
Chad likes to play ultimate frisbee out on Killian Court, but wears jeans that are too tight to play in. Tripp likes cruising down Mass Ave and trying to pick up chicks with his bros, but has conflicting feelings about misogyny. Grant just picked up a couple of cold ones for the guys, but secretly only likes rose wine. What is going on? What happens when two worlds collide? In Cross-Cultural Bro Studies, we will examine the growing taxonomy of bros and discuss the consequences of loosening social boundaries on bro culture.

E4111: Composite Structures and Design in Splash! 2010 (Nov. 20 - 21, 2010)
A brief introduction to various types of composite (think carbon fiber) structures, design, and fabrication, from a member of MIT's Solar Electric Vehicle Team. We'll talk about how composites, from airplanes to cellos to skis, are built and when they fail - with demonstrations and tests to destruction.

W4115: A Solar Car? Can It Do Sweet Jumps? in Splash! 2010 (Nov. 20 - 21, 2010)
An introduction to MIT's Solar Electric Vehicle Team, our shop, and two of our solar cars.

C4116: An Inappropriately Fast Introduction to (a certain type of) Quantum Computers in Splash! 2010 (Nov. 20 - 21, 2010)
...exactly what it sounds like. We will, with your gracious assistance, attempt to cover: - two-state systems - a bit of linear algebra - Kronecker products and entangled states - classical logic and information theory - quantum logic and information - hardness of problems and decidability - funny results of change of basis (quantum communication) - Some notorious quantum algorithm

E2999: Composite Structures and Design in Splash! 2009 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2009)
A brief introduction to various types of composite --- e.g. carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic --- structures, design, and fabrication.