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Jonathan Sue-Ho is in his first senior year studying Mechanical Engineering and Theater Arts (not necessarily in that order). He has watched a lot of TV during his life. He spent two months learning to transform his passionate Latin accent to a passionate French accent. He enjoys physics jokes, bacon, and Soviet history (not necessarily in that order).

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P1894: Cheezy Accents Workshop in Splash! 2008 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2008)
Have you ever wanted to learn a really cheezy accent? In this workshop, you will work on developing an accent of your choice and helping you be comfortable with sharing it goofily in front of others for performing, wisecracking, or general-use purposes. From Japanese, Chinese, Australian, New Zealander, Italian, French, French Canadian, Regular Canadian, AT LEAST 3 different kinds of Spanish, West African, South African, Indian, Pakistani, Eastern European, Texan, ETC. If you don't see the accent you want listed here, we'll figure it out or fake it! There may be candy...

European History (with Panache!) in SPLASH (2005)
Calling Euro Students! Euro Fans! People who are bored and want to learn/laugh! Does you European History book seem like ...

European History, with Panache in SPLASH (2004)
Calling all Euro Students and Fans! This class tries to present a sampling of European History in a clearer and ...