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MICHAEL KLING, MIT Junior into Math/Computer Science

Major: Mathematics

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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I went to a public high school in Vermont, and was heavily involved in different math contests during that time. Now, I'm here at MIT and I'm still interested in studying math. I'm not sure what I hope to do after college (still got a few years to figure it out). I'm in a fraternity here, and have a part time job on campus. I spend most of my time with those and doing psets.

Past Classes

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M3376: Unsolved Problems in Mathematics in HSSP Spring 2010 (Apr. 17, 2010)
Wait, what? There are math problems that baffle even the best minds of our time? Yes. This class is all about looking at these problems and understanding what they're all about. We'll start the class out by looking at Fermat's Last Theorem which is a classic example of a problem that baffled mathematicians for hundreds of years. It only just got solved in 1995! We also expect to go over a handful of other problems (all still unsolved) including the Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach's Conjecture, the twin prime conjecture, and P vs NP.

M2833: Unanswered Questions in Mathematics in Splash! 2009 (Nov. 21 - 22, 2009)
Come check out some questions in mathematics that are simple to state, but still remain unanswered. Examples include the Collatz conjecture, the 196 algorithm, the Goldbach conjecture, and others. These can be stated in a sentence or two using only arithmetic and basic algebra, but we still don't understand how they work.

M2075: Simple Math Problems That are Still Unsolved in Spark! Spring 2009 (Mar. 07, 2009)
Ever heard of the 196 algorithm, or the Collatz conjecture? These are only a couple examples of math problems that are easy to describe using just basic addition and multiplication. Yet, mathematicians still don't fully understand them. If we have time, we'll also look at a few that are more difficult, such as the Goldbach Conjecture.

M1837: Unsolved Problems & Other Topics in Splash! 2008 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2008)
Some of the simplest problems in mathematics to describe are still unsolved. Come hear about a few of these, like the 196 algorithm, the Collatz conjecture, and others. We'll also look at a some other topics, related to magic squares and prime numbers if there is time.

M1203: Simple Math Problems That are Still Unsolved in Spark! Spring 2008 (Mar. 08, 2008)
Come here about problems in mathematics that are simple to explain but remain unsolved. We'll look at unsolved problems involving geometry, magic squares, and prime numbers, among others.

Solve One of These Math Problems and Become Famous in SPLASH (2007)
Learn about easy-looking problems in number theory that are simple to state, but remain unsolved today, including the 196-algorithm, the ...