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NATALIE ALVAREZ, Emory PhD student studying Microbiology

Major: Biological Sciences

College/Employer: Emory University

Year of Graduation: G

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My name is Natalie Alvarez and I am from the beautiful beaches of Beaufort, South Carolina. I am currently a PhD student at Emory University studying Microbiology and Molecular Genetics.
I participated as a student in MIT HSSP when I was in high school (it was a 17 hour drive from SC!) so I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach for it now!
My previous teaching experiences include being a lead instructor for Yale Young Global Scholars in Summer 2019 where I created and taught 6 different seminars to talented high school students from across the globe.

Past Classes

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S14063: Saving Lives: The Science Behind Public Health and COVID-19 in HSSP Summer 2020 (Jul. 11, 2020)
What happens when a virus or bacteria infects a human cell? How does the human body protect itself? How do vaccines work? Curious on learning more about COVID-19 and what quarantining does? This class will function as an introduction to public health with a focus on the biology behind diseases . We will also take a look at how social media can help the spread of science.