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MATILDA SOKOLOV, Harvard sophomore studying gender and sexuality

Major: Women, Gender, and Sexuality

College/Employer: Harvard University

Year of Graduation: 2014

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This is the second time I've participated in HSSP, but the first time I'll be a teacher. Significantly fewer years ago than I sometimes think, I was a Splash and HSSP student, and I'm so excited to be returning to this program from the other side. I'm concentrating in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard, usually focusing on the humanities, which basically means I get to spend my time reading novels, watching movies, etc. and thinking interesting thoughts about them. In my spare time, I enjoy knitting, playing tabletop RPGs and LARPs with my friends, reading webcomics, singing, and generalized herping and derping.

Past Classes

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X5951: Knitting For Beginners in HSSP Summer 2012 (Jul. 08, 2012)
Have you ever seen an amazing handknit sweater and thought "I wish I could do that"? It turns out it's surprisingly easy. In this class, we will begin with the absolute basics and, through hands-on instruction, discover a whole new world of making your own clothes (and/or dinosaurs). Yarn and needles will be provided, but you are strongly encouraged to bring your own.