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Apple Juice Clearly the best type of juice in the juice fridge.

Cascade Cascade is our newest program, running once a week for 6-weeks and focusing on reaching underserved students in the Boston area who may not have access to the same educational resources as some students.

Chair The leader(s) of ESP. They're responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Chairs are elected in December of each year, typically in a pair.

Director The admin(s) in charge of running a given program. Programs typically have two to three directors, and new members are welcome to run for a directorship!

DoTR Director(s) of Teaching Resources, the leader(s) of the Teaching Resources working group. Also frequently used to refer to the working group as a whole.

Entropy A measure of disorder of a system, and the name of the working group which manages the entropy of the office. _Not_ ESP Janitorial, you still need to clean up after yourselves.

ESP Admins A dedicated team of knowledgable, passionate, and crazy-awesome people responsible for making all our wonderful programs happen.

Fake Jessie (and Fake Fake Jessie) The plush lobsters that make their home in the ESP office. Ask anyone who's been around for a while for the story behind the name, if you're curious.

Foreign Admin An admin from a foreign Splash. Many foreign admins will visit campus during our Splash.

Foreign Splash A Splash run at another college or university. We frequently send one or two of our admins to foreign Splashes, so we can learn from each other and meet other people who are passionate about Splash and our mission. New members are welcome to go too!

Hammerspace II Our storage office in W20-469. It boasts a huge variety of strange and wonderful class supplies, such as Arduinos, Poi, a Gorilla Suit, and unlimited amounts of Duct Tape.

HSSP HSSP runs twice a year for approximately 7 weekends each session (on Saturdays in the Spring and Sundays in the Summer). Hundreds of middle and high school students take in-depth classes on a wide range of topics such as "Modernist Literature", "Thought Experiments", and "How Processors Work".

Juice Fridge The fridge in the ESP office, which houses copious amounts of fruit juice. Despite its name, it also houses other things, such as leftover food from meetings and worksessions. Feel free to steal some for lunch if the office is open, as long as you stick around and hang out with us for a while too :)

Juice Wars The ongoing battle between those who insist that Apple Juice is the best, and those who counter that Ruby Red is the best. Other juices, such as White Cranberry, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Mango, occasionally enter the fray.

Junction Junction is our intensive 6-week Summer program, where high school students take a college-level class on a chosen topic 4 nights a week, supplemented by single-session seminar classes and other fun activities.

Learning Unlimited An organization founded by a group of former ESP admins. Learning Unlimited seeks to spread the Splash program and mission to more schools throughout the country.

Officership A position as either an executive officer (chair, treasurer, secretary) or a leader of a working group.

Poffice The main office in W20-467, a shortened version of ESP office.

ProveIt ProveIt is a math enrichment program that we run once a week afterschool at a local middle school. The math is always supplemented by cookies. It's necessary.

Ruby Red Clearly the best type of juice in the juice fridge.

Spark Our second-largest program, Spark happens every Spring in mid-March. Over 1000 middle school students come to campus to take classes such as "Modern Computer Security", "Exploring Immunology", "Crash Course in Costume Design", and more.

Splash Our largest program, Splash happens every November on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Over 2000 high school students come to campus to take classes ranging from "Automata and Languages", to "History of the Star Wars Galaxy", to "Introductory Azerbaijani", and much more.

Subdirector The admin(s) in charge of running some smaller part of a larger program, such as Sprinkler at HSSP or Morning Check-In at Splash.

Webministry The admins involved in maintaining our website, including managing our server and writing code.

Working Group A group of admins interested and involved in a particular facet of ESP. Current working groups include Teaching Resources, Publicity, History, Webmins, Art, and Entropy. Working groups typically have an elected leader(s) and are open to anyone involved in ESP.

Worksession A meeting where people work on tasks that need to be done, such as sending emails, reviewing class descriptions, making signs, or looking through our stash of class supplies. Regular weekly worksessions are on Wednesdays at 7 PM during the school year; additional worksessions may be scheduled closer to our large programs. Comes with free food.

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