Special Needs

Our students come from all different grade and ability levels. We have had students with physical or mental handicaps. If your child needs assistance with navigating MIT or requires a wheelchair-friendly map, please contact us well ahead of time. We would like to make his or her experience with ESP as straightforward as possible. For our larger programs like Splash and Spark, we can dispatch a security volunteer to help your child find elevators or ramps.

If your child has special needs, or needs help with viewing or hearing the class material, please contact us ahead of time. In the case of the visually-impaired or hearing-impaired, contacting the teacher will give them time to prepare alternate materials for your child. If your child has learning disabilities, informing the teacher will make them better prepared to give your child the best experience possible. If your child is deaf, we can hire an ASL interpreter but it can take as long as a month to find an interpreter, so we ask that you contact us at least 4 weeks before the program's start date.

Please keep in mind that our teachers are undergraduate and graduate college students. They have not received any extra training that prepares them to work with special needs students. If you have questions or concerns about whether ESP's classroom setting is appropriate for your child, please contact us.

Last modified on Nov. 17, 2016 at 01:31 p.m.