Program Summaries

We offer a variety of programs that range in size, scope, and style from the single-weekend Splash to the multi-week HSSP. In particular, our programs can be divided into two tiers:

One weekend

Splash and Spark, which run in the late fall and early spring every year, respectively, each take place over a single weekend, with several hundred classes to choose from. Classes for Splash and Spark cover the widest range in styles and content, from high-level math lectures to chocolate tasting.

Splash is for 9th–12th grade students only, and Spark is for 7th–8th grade students only.

One semester

Spring and Summer HSSP are our multi-weekend programs. HSSP provides the opportunity for students to dive deep into topics via multi-week classes. These classes cover a broad set of topics, with many lecture-style and hands-on academic classes, discussion-based seminars, and non-academic classes about anything!

HSSP offers classes for both middle and high school students.

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