Class supplies and materials

Class Materials

ESP is pretty good at buying, renting, borrowing, or already owning a wide variety of materials and equipment. A list of class materials we already have is here. If you need something not explicitly listed there, feel free to ask if we have it.


ESP will provide an on-campus classroom for your class. We can also sometimes get more exotic space (labs, lobbies, dance rooms, computer labs, and so on) on request, but make sure to ask specifically.

Electronic equipment

ESP owns seven LCD projectors and several laptops available for use in classes, as well as a speaker system. We also have adapters that can connect various types of computers to various other pieces of equipment.


Whichever program you teach for, you will have an automatically granted budget (usually $30 or $50, depending on the program) for materials for your class. We are also generous with budget extension requests. Make sure to read the instructions before making any purchases.

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