Field trips, permission slips, and safety

Field trips

Whether you can run a field trip for your class depends on several factors, including the

  • Number of students
  • Age of students
  • Destination and length of field trip
  • Materials necessary for demonstration

Generally, short field trips to somewhere in the Boston area are okay for long term classes. In the past, we have had students visit the MFA, Fenway Park, and the Wellesley Astronomical Observatory. We can reimburse you for any expenses; see the financial logistics page for details.

Please email your directors, as the decision will be at their discretion. If they approve your field trip, you must receive permission slips for all participating students before the field trip. Students without a signed permission slip will not be allowed.

Permission slips

Required for:

  • Lab and certain field trips

If you're unsure if your class will need permission slips just ask! If you're doing any of the following it may need a permission slip - let us know and we can work with you to figure it out.

  • Viewing movies with ratings over PG-13
  • Classes in which students use power tools
  • Classes in which students have a reasonable chance of getting hurt (i.e. a dance class)
  • Classes involving sensitive topics (sex, drugs, etc)
  • Other situations, at the discretion of the program director

All students must have the permission slip signed by a parent/guardian, even if they're over 18.

If your class might require a permission slip, let the directors know several weeks in advance, and they will work with you to write the permission slip and make sure students get it signed.


If your demonstration involves hazardous chemicals, biological materials, large amounts of electricity and/or magnetism or anything potentially dangerous, please run it by the directors first. They may notify EHS to work out guidelines and rules to keep both you and your students safe.

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